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How to develop the habit of reading books

Throughout all of our lives, we hear people saying that reading books is essential to success. When we were at school, our parents used to tell us how we should read books in order to become smarter.

Well, books do grant us with a lot of knowledge. Surely, technology has provided us with other channels for gaining knowledge as well. Channels such as videos and online courses. But books still seem to be the main source for learning new things.

However, there seems to be some kind of obstacle, that prevents people from reading books, nowadays. It seems that young people prefer playing video games and watching movies instead. And I am telling this not from observation. I had always preferred to stay in front of my computer and play World of Warcraft all day. When I didn’t have a computer, I preferred staying in front of TV watching Cartoon Network.

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Is reading books going to make you successful?

When I was little, my parents used to tell me how reading books will make me successful. How I should stop playing games all day and start reading. Well, nowadays I am reading various books all the time and it really helps me out. I guess I should thank the old ones (No, I’m not referring to Cthulu) for this one, even though they didn’t put this idea in me in the best possible way.

However, there is a huge misconception in this philosophy.

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