Hello there, I am Preslav Mihaylov.

My friends see me as a funny (most of the time) guy, who can be found in local cafes on the weekend, coding or reading something related to programming. But I also like to hang out some times or gather with pals to play board games.

My colleagues see me as a software engineer, focused on developing large-scale web applications & microservices. Nowadays, I code in Golang and Java, but I have some significant experience in C and C++ beforehand, from the days in which I was involved in embedded systems and robotics.

My students know me as a long-time technical trainer, who leads courses on various topics, ranging from Programming Basics, DS & Algorithms all the way to Blockchain, Golang microservices and more.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my knowledge about the things I learn along my journey. The topics are mostly focused on programming and computer science, but you can also find some posts on presenting, tech training, productivity & effective study.

Want to say hi? Then leave me a message in the Contacts section or contact me via some of the links below:


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