Learn Programming with Go, One Game at a Time

Learn Programming with Go, One Game at a Time

For nearly a year now, I’ve been building my first online programming course – it’s about learning to program with the Go (Golang) programming language. 👨‍💻

It contains nearly 26 hours of instructional video, covering the fundamentals of programming via the Go programming language. 🎥

But apart from just covering some basic concepts in a handful of videos, it also consists of 75 well crafted exercises, which aim to help you master what you’ve learnt in the videos, but also stretch you with some extra challenges, so that you become more and more autonomous as the course progresses. 🔥

I prefer that you sweat a bit now and become very resilient for what’s to come later in your career rather than having a “feel-good” experience to begin with and struggle once you get your first job. 💪

However, this course is also about building stuff. 🧱

When I first started programming, the intellectual challenge of solving random coding challenges was exciting, but what sparked my passion for the craft was using it to build something meaningful.

For me, that moment came when I built my first video game. The feeling of making a character move on the screen for the first time is hard to describe. 🎮

That’s why I won’t even bother doing that. Instead, I’ll let you experience that joy yourself by building some of the most popular arcade video games using what you’ve learnt in the course:
✅ Snake 🐍
✅ Pong 🏓
✅ Hangman
✅ Zombie Shooter 🧟

So, if that all got you excited, embark on this awesome journey and make sure to have fun along the way 🚀 :

Go check it out!

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