Facebook being obnoxious

How to remove the BS from your Facebook feed

Yesterday, while listening to Can’t Hurt Me while driving, I heard about how the author has disabled his facebook feed entirely to not waste time using it.

I decided to follow-up with an action myself as I realised what huge % of my facebook feed is useless – full of photos & memes from people I hardly know.

Yet, there are other people posting useful stuff which I’m interested in – e.g. interesting news, trends, community posts or the usual photos but from people, who are my relatives or I care about.

Hence, I decided to do a big facebook clean-up by unfollowing all the people with meaningless or distracting posts.

Here’s how it goes – you swap random stories & encounter something like this:

Random useless story

The content of that photo itself doesn’t matter.

What matters is that it’s a pointless photo with some random meaningless life quote.

So what you do afterwards, is you open the person’s profile & unfollow them like this:

How to unfollow someone on facebook

Do the same for all meaningless posts you encounter in your news feed every time you scroll in FB. After a couple of weeks, you will be free from the BS.

This is a more consistent, granular approach. Alternatively, go here:

the news feed preference option

And start clicking on all the people & groups you want to mute from your feed:

The option for "bulk unfollowing" people

Finally, if you want to go all the way, then mute the entire news feed. Check out this plugin I found after a quick Google search.


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