Go loves ELK

Integrating your Go service with ELK Series

In these series, I’ve covered the integration between a Go service and the ELK stack from scratch.

Analysing Logs with ELK

Getting The Most Out of Your Logs with ELK

This part focuses on understanding what benefits ELK could bring you to your typical workflow & how it can help you analyse & debug production issues rapidly.

Go loves ELK

How to integrate your Go Service with ELK

In this part, we start getting our hands dirty by setting up a local cluster of a sample Go application & the various components, part of the ELK stack.

structured logs in Kibana

How to Use Structured Logs in your Go Application

This tutorial focuses on learning what structured logging is (which is usually used in conjunction with ELK) & what libraries you have available to implement it in your Go applications.

Kibana Dashboard

How to create a Logging Dashboard with Kibana

After instrumenting the application with proper structured logs, we start designing our actual dashboard in Kibana (the K in ELK), which is the UI of the whole machinery.

Debugging production issues with Kibana

Using Kibana to Debug Production Issues

Finally, having our logging dashboard & application fully integrated, this tutorial provides you with the opportunity to actually practice using the fully integrated stack of applications & debug simulated production issues.

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