You can’t succeed by slacking off

Being Lazy
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Many times in our lives, we are presented with a choice of what route to take. One is the easy route, and the other is the hard one. For example, I constantly get messages from people in Facebook, trying to convince me to join them in their quest for easy money through multi-level marketing. They go on saying that they don't want to be like those poor people destined to work hard all their lives and get nothing in the end. It's better to work smart and get to the final destination of being wealthy with a shortcut. That will take you several months, they say. And then you have the option to grow in your career, advance your skills and become a master in your craft. And that will take great amount of effort, years of consistency and discipline and great endurance. The first one sounds more preferable, right? But I recently watched a movie, called "Big Fish", which had a scene where the main character could choose to get to his destination via two routes - the easy one, which most people prefer, and the hard one, which no one dares to take. What the character said was "The more difficult something became, the more rewarding it is in the end". But isn't that just some empty talk which is not applicable to life? In this article, I am going to share with you the lessons I have learnt concerning this issue and my experience with it.
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