tmux – A Terminal Multiplexer

Last time, I wrote about why I think everyone should try using a bare bones text editor like vim at least for a while. After such an experience, some might give up on it, while others might want to switch to vim full-time. For the latter - congratulations! But inevitably, a problem will occur with this approach, especially if you are working on a big project - using bare bones vim for big projects is quite unproductive compared to IDEs. I used to use vim on my hobby side projects and it did a great job, but once I tried using it on a project with a large code base and several different build variants, things started to get messy and I preferred using the IDE. Some of you might disagree with me, I have seen people prefer sticking solely to bare bones vim. But in my experience, apart from the text editing boost it gives you due to its awesome user interface, all the auxiliary tools you need to maintain a big project are invaluable and not easily available from a bare bones vim. So, determined to amend that, I started exploring many different tools and plugins to enable my vim to challenge the productivity my IDE provides. In this new series of articles, I will share my favorite tools which help me keep myself productive everyday by using vim. In the first one, the topic is my all-time favorite vim add-on - tmux.

This article is part of the sequence  Boost Your VIM where I share my favorite vim plugins and tools which can greatly optimize your productivity and make you a better keystroke ninja.

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