public talks

This is a curated list of public talks, workshops & courses I’ve delivered throughout the years.

Thread-Safety in Go – An Overlooked Concern
(Jun, 2021)

A talk I lead at an Uber Engineering event at Sofia, Bulgaria. The talk covers the fundamentals of thread-safety as it applies to Golang development.

Hands-on gRPC with Go (Feb, 2021)

This is a 3h workshop I delivered at Gophercon Israel 2021.
The workshop guides participants through the implementation of several Go microservices, communicating via gRPC & protocol buffers.

Threading Safely in Java (Dec, 2020)

A talk, delivered at Java2Days, 2020 exploring the fundamentals of thread-safety in Java.

Advanced Dependency Management in Go
(Nov, 2020)

A talk, delivered at Golab Italy, 2020 which explores what dependency injection is, how to achieve it using uber-fx in your Go services & how it empowers easier collaboration between infrastructure & product teams in big organisations.

Integrating Go with ELK (Nov, 2020)

A 3h workshop, delivered at Golab Italy, 2020 which guides participants through integrating the elastic stack (ELK) in a Go web application in order to achieve enhanced monitoring capabilities for their production apps.

[Bulgarian] Blockchain – The Game Changer (Mar, 2019)

A talk delivered at PlovDev, 2019 exploring the fundamentals of how blockchain technology works by building our own digital financial system & resolving the problems we run into along the way.

Effective Presentations (Jun, 2018)

A series of internal seminars delivered at Ocado Technology, Sofia which cover the fundamentals of public speaking in terms of motivation, design & delivery.

The Productive Developer (Nov, 2017)

A talk delivered at WordCamp Sofia, 2017 exploring a framework for sustaining optimal productivity as a developer in your work and life.

[Bulgarian] Programming Basics Course (Mar, 2016)

I’ve lead multiple variants of this course, along with SoftUni’s “Programming Fundamentals” throughout 2015 and 2017 ~10 times in total.

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