This is a curated list of public talks, workshops & courses I’ve delivered throughout the years.


Learn Programming with Go, One Game at a Time

This is my first course on learning programming with the Go (Golang) programming language, tailored for complete beginners and more experienced students, aiming to grow their project portfolio or pick up a new, exciting programming language to learn.

  • It contains nearly 26 hours of instructional video, covering the fundamentals of programming via the Go programming language. 🎥
  • Along with 75 well crafted exercises, which aim to help you master what you’ve learnt in the videos, but also stretch you with some extra challenges, so that you become more and more autonomous as the course progresses. 🔥
  • Finally, you’ll be building four non-trivial projects, where you’re building your own video games 🎮
    • ✅ Snake 🐍
    • ✅ Pong 🏓
    • ✅ Hangman
    • ✅ Zombie Shooter 🧟

Go check it out!


Thread-Safety in Go – An Overlooked Concern
(Jun, 2021)

A talk I lead at an Uber Engineering event at Sofia, Bulgaria. The talk covers the fundamentals of thread-safety as it applies to Golang development.

Hands-on gRPC with Go (Feb, 2021)

This is a 3h workshop I delivered at Gophercon Israel 2021.
The workshop guides participants through the implementation of several Go microservices, communicating via gRPC & protocol buffers.

Threading Safely in Java (Dec, 2020)

A talk, delivered at Java2Days, 2020 exploring the fundamentals of thread-safety in Java.

Advanced Dependency Management in Go
(Nov, 2020)

A talk, delivered at Golab Italy, 2020 which explores what dependency injection is, how to achieve it using uber-fx in your Go services & how it empowers easier collaboration between infrastructure & product teams in big organisations.

Integrating Go with ELK (Nov, 2020)

A 3h workshop, delivered at Golab Italy, 2020 which guides participants through integrating the elastic stack (ELK) in a Go web application in order to achieve enhanced monitoring capabilities for their production apps.

[Bulgarian] Blockchain – The Game Changer (Mar, 2019)

A talk delivered at PlovDev, 2019 exploring the fundamentals of how blockchain technology works by building our own digital financial system & resolving the problems we run into along the way.

Effective Presentations (Jun, 2018)

A series of internal seminars delivered at Ocado Technology, Sofia which cover the fundamentals of public speaking in terms of motivation, design & delivery.

The Productive Developer (Nov, 2017)

A talk delivered at WordCamp Sofia, 2017 exploring a framework for sustaining optimal productivity as a developer in your work and life.

[Bulgarian] Programming Basics Course (Mar, 2016)

I’ve lead multiple variants of this course, along with SoftUni’s “Programming Fundamentals” throughout 2015 and 2017 ~10 times in total.

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